Ferry Photos

10 Jan

Just wanted to post a few more ferry pictures as a way for you to get the full feeling of the moment! If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss my earlier post from this morning – more pics and more story!

Driving off the ferry on Orcas Island.

I love the churning water.

Just pulling away from Orcas. For the first time in my life I find myself thinking that maybe I'd like their job...so long as there are lots of whale sightings while at work. We saw a pod of whales, but they were too far away to capture on film beyond more than a tiny black dot. Still, not something you see everyday when living in Minnesota!

A typical sight - seagulls and cormorants love the pilings.

Cormoranats. I think they're so cool.

A ferry pulling in to the Orcas dock. I was on another ferry, chugging away! I was jealous of the guys just arriving.

This was bizarre - apparently ferries sometimes break down - and we were there just in time to capture the tug boats helping it limp into the dock at Anacortes.


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