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The Great Amaryllis Experiment…Days 1-5

10 Mar

Every year when I was growing up, Dad would buy Mom a new Amaryllis bulb for Christmas. Red was her favorite.

When I moved here to SW Minnesota, I discovered that my husband’s grandmother not only got new Amaryllis bulbs from time to time, but she KEPT hers from year to year, planting them outside for the summer and then bringing them in in the winter, leaving them in a dry, dark place, and then pulled them out come winter to enjoy their beauty around about Easter time.

I had to try this for myself. So, two years ago, I finally got myself together enough to buy a bulb, plant it outside, dig it up, plant it inside after a rest, and then was blessed with blooms early last spring. Horray!

The blooms from two years ago. Lovely!

This year I’m on my second one. I would have a third one from this past Christmas, but we were away for the holidays so I couldn’t purchase a bulb just to let it die while we were gone.

SO…the upshot is…I have two bulbs – one two years old, and one just one year old, which my youngest daughter and I planted on Tuesday. For 3 days there was no change. Then, yesterday, voila! Growth!

Today, we measured it for the first time. Two inches and counting!

We shall share our adventure with you, our daily measurments of its growth…just you wait! It gets very exciting after about two weeks!

Just to clarify: the Pink Pot is the one year old bulb. It hasn’t shown much growth yet. The Orange Pot is the two year old bulb, and it has taken off! (Interestingly enough, the older bulb had a LOT of roots…but the one-year old one had zero roots…only time will prove if that makes a difference. Though so far…it has!)

Day One - Tuesday the 6th of March.

Day 4, Friday the 9th. Something is beginning to happen!

Day 5 - begining to measure! Two inches exactly.

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