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Time Out for a Minnesota Moment…

10 Jan

Can you believe? Three posts in one day! I promise not to do so again! (I don’t want to bug you all…that’s why I just post often enough to remind you I’m here…not to fill up your inbox!)

But I couldn’t let this TUESDAY go by without mentioning an exciting thing! I’m in a magazine! Ha! How fun is that?!

Minnesota Moments, “A Unique, Creative & Informative Lifestyle Magazine” just came out with its Winter edition and there is an article about ten Minnesota bloggers and I’m one of them!

Huge thanks to Audrey Kletscher Helbling @ Minnesota Prairie Roots for her part in this process – with you, this would not have happened! Thank you so much. http://mnprairieroots.wordpress.com/

What an honor and a fantastic way to start the new year!

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