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The Great Amaryllis Experiment…part 3

29 Mar

So…I’ve fallen down a bit on my reporting, but here’s the up-to-the-minute story!

I won't put in the pictures from every day...but here's proof that the slow bulb is finally catching up! (Not that you can see the tall one...but Lucy was having fun!)


So the oldest bulb is growing the fastest and has two stems...the newest just has one stem...but at least it's finally growing!

Shorty...coming in at 4 inches!

5.5! One and a half inches on that day!

10 inches.

Eleven inches...

More than 1.5 inches in one day.

Okay, seriously! About 4 inches in one day! Shorty is finally catching up for real. This bulb, with only one stem, looks like it will be a larger flower - the other two buds on the other bulb are smaller.

Almost to its full height...

This one will have leaves! The faster-growing one doesn't have any yet.


So, shorty has almost caught up and might even surpass the other one!!

Almost there!!!

This is how they look as of Wednesday. So fun!


The Great Amaryllis Experiment, Days 6-10

15 Mar

So my youngest daughter and I have been measuring our two Amaryllis plants every day…not always at the exact same time each day…but pretty close! One of our plants – the one that’s two years old and had an excellent root base – is doing fantastically.

The other one, which is one year old and had zero roots when I dug it up last fall, has a long way yet to go. Two days ago, however, it seemed to green up, and yesterday it began to show a little growth. Horray! Today it is taking off. Trying to make up for lost time, apparently!

Sunday. Didn't even bother to photograph the other one that day.


The struggling one...on Monday.


One of the added benefits of working with kids...sometimes the ruler gets held upside down!

Ruler right side up! Wednesday.

Shorty! Showing growth yesterday!

Whoo hoo!!!! Today!

Shorty - today!

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