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Thoughts in a Waiting Room

14 Jun

Our wee, curly-headed girl went under the knife on Thursday, leaving us in the waiting room…and me with a few thoughts.  Nothing too deep…just a mother’s ramblings.

1) Why did I think this surgery was a good idea?  Can’t Lucy live with giant tonsils, enormous adenoids and a strange thumb?
2) Remember those consent forms? The one that said death is possible with any surgery? Yeah. I remember that.
3) Child-sized scrubs with cute tigers on them do not make me feel any better. In fact, they brought back all the horrible feelings of when her brother got his tonsils/adenoids out 3 years ago. They are guilt-inducing pajamas.
4) If I think about it too much I’ll start to cry. Good thing I’m not wearing mascara.  Good thing, too, that my husband is so calm.
5) How much money are we paying these doctors? Maybe this will be the year for that elective surgery I’ve wanted, since we’ve already met our deductible. Just kidding. I don’t want any surgery. They might make we wear cute tiger jammies.
6) Did I buy enough ice cream? Can one ever have enough ice cream? (Note upon returning home: she wouldn’t eat it anyway. Not the pudding. Not the jello. Not the applesauce. She just wants stuff she can’t have, the contrary child.)
7) Popsicles…check. Juice…check. Yogurt…check. My fears at the door…check.
8) Those donuts in the family waiting room look disgusting, dry and unattractive. Sure would like one.
9) I love her so much. Does she really need to be able to move her thumb all the way? Maybe we could just snag her quick from the operating room, before they slice her open…
10) Oops. Just picked up my fears again…see #7.
11) They need a larger waiting room. I’m breathing my neighbor’s air. Looks like she’s got an interesting book, though. Maybe if I just sneak a glance as I pretend to tie my shoe…
12) My son, Ian, claims that he can’t scream anymore since his tonsils came out. Sure would be a quieter house if that proves to be true for Lucy.
13) Across the room, some people just discovered a mutual friend. In a city of 150,000, these 2 families just connected and neither of them are even from here. (Lots of people come to this city from the surrounding countryside…ourselves included.  And, I might add, it’s really impossible not to hear their conversation!)  It’s a small world, afterall. SHE JUST SAID THAT AT THE EXACT SAME TIME THAT I WROTE IT! Great. Now it’s stuck in my head. Sorry.
13) “Family with Lucy” – Uff da! That’s us!
14) Back again. Thumb good. On to the tonsils/adenoids.
15) There are lots of kleenex boxes around…and tiny garbage cans. So glad I don’t need them. (See #7)
16) The Price is Right is on the TV…of course. Is anything else ever playing in waiting rooms?
17) “Family with Lucy”…again…all’s well…again with the waiting. This time for her to wake up.
18) Ice chips. The very phrase smacks of hospitals and illness.
19) Coming out of anesthesia stinks. Coming back to such a reality is rarely fun.
20) Who knew Jello could be rejected by a 4 year old?  Why is it that potato chips and popcorn sound so delicious when you’re not supposed to eat them?

21) I am thankful that this is merely a brief stop-over in the world of doctors and hospitals and waiting rooms.  I have so much to be thankful for.  “Soli Deo Gloria.”  To God alone be the glory.

22) Remember to get a picture from Colin’s phone before he leaves on his trip to include with this post. (Ooops.)
23) I can’t think of anything else to write…but 23 is a weird number to stop at.
24) 5 days later, and she’s back to changing her clothes 5 times a day…yes, she’s feeling better.  Still grumpy, though.
25) More book-writing thoughts next week! There. A nice, round 25…

ps – If I knew how to remove that space between #20 and 21 and 21 and 22, I would.  Bother.

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